Peter Shambora


Moonwalk Inc., Executive Vice President. Code Gear, Senior VP Worldwide Operations. Simply Continuous, Co-Founder. DataCenter Technologies, CEO. Rasvia Systems, President/CEO. StorageWay, Founder, President, CEO, EVP. MTI, Inc., Senior Vice President Sales. Mylex Corporation, Vice President Marketing, Vice President Sales. Mass Microsystems, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing. Storage Dimensions, Vice President Worldwide Sales. United States Navy, Lieutenant Commander.


Moonwalk, Inc., Executive Vice President.

Michael Jackson did the moonwalk.

NOV. 2006 - JULY 2008

CodeGear, Senior VP Worldwide Operations.

CodeGear was the developer tools division of Borland. Products include C++, Delphi and JBuilder. I was recruited to assist the company in preparation for an acquisition. CodeGear was acquired by Embarcadero Technologies in July 2008. My responsibility included Worldwide Sales, Customer Support, Sales Administration and Business Development. One of the major challenges was separating CodeGear from the Borland infrastructure and establishing a standalone operation. This required the implementation of a WW channel operation along with Internet sales.

SEPT. 2005 - NOV. 2006

Simply Continuous, Co-Founder.

Simply Continuous is a provider of storage management services including backup, de-duplication, archiving, retrieval and business continuity. The company currently operates out of facilities in San Francisco.

MAY 2004 - APRIL 2005

DataCenter Technologies, CEO.

DCT is an enterprise storage management software company. The products are targeted to the management and movement of data relating to Information Life Cycle Management. The specific applications include: Migration of data, assessment, secondary storage, replication, remote office and archiving. The core technology is based on Content Addressable Storage (CAS) architecture. DCT products are sold to OEM’s in the U.S and System Integrators in Europe/Asia. Recruited by Board of Directors to prepare company for potential acquisition.

•Closed 2nd and 3rd phase financing tranches

•Defined internal operational procedures between U.S facility and Engineering Located in Belgium

•Initial OEM customers identified and agreements secured

•“Go to market” strategy defined for both U.S. and Europe

•Certain key personnel recruited

JAN 2002 - NOV. 2002

Rasvia Systems, President/CEO.

Rasvia Systems is a start-up designing and developing enterprise storage technology targeted at the mid-range of the storage market. The intellectual property includes storage operating system software, ASIC design and controller reference design. Recruited into company to transition Rasvia from pure engineering activity into fully functional commercial business entity. FCS scheduled 2nd qtr 2003.

•Created and negotiated formal agreement with major ODM as first customer

•Identified and designed “go to market” strategy

•Successfully launched company to industry analysts, financial community and press

DEC. 1999 - DEC. 2002

StorageWay, Founder, President, CEO, EVP.

StorageWay is a leading SSP [storage service provider]. I founded and created the business plan, which lead to $56M raised in two rounds of VC financing. The company has grown to over 200 employees with operations in the U.S., Asia and Europe. The first sales revenue year produced over $6M with over $10M in MRC. The second year revenue is projected at close to $50M. The company has strong strategic alliances with EMC, Exodus, ADIC, Veritas, Sitesmith and Brocade. StorageWay has created unique proprietary storage management software, which allows shared access to a Storage Area Network in a hosting environment.

•Created innovative storage service company which is recognized as one of the first market movers

•Served as President/CEO from July 1999 to November 2000

•Assembled senior management team that successfully executed fast growth business plan

FEB. 1998 - JUNE 1999

MTI, Inc., Senior Vice President Sales.

•Identified and implemented business development strategy for Asia/Pacific & Latin America

•Recruited personnel and partners in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Korea

•Phase 1 Asia/Pacific plan implemented with revenue beginning as per plan

•Identified Storage Area Network [SAN] as market segment for future

OCT. 1993 - FEB. 1998

Mylex Corporation, Vice President Marketing ('93-'96), Vice President Sales ('96-'98)

Company manufactures intelligent I/O products for the network and high-end desktop market. Product portfolio includes bus based RAID controllers, external RAID controllers, host bus adapters, imbedded ASIC solutions and Internet storage management software. I was recruited into company as member of executive turnaround team. In the four plus years I was at Mylex, revenue increased from $30 million to $177 million and stock went from a low of $1 ½ to a high of $27. Officer of the company.

Vice President Marketing:

•Merged marketing department of acquired company [Buslogic] into Mylex

•Established formal Product Marketing divisions and staffing

•Created channel marketing direction and staffing

•Launched first true imbedded RAID hardware solution

Vice President Sales:

•Established and staffed dedicated sales group targeting System Integrators, Var’s, Industrial and Commercial Distribution

•Designed and installed International sales strategy and staffing

•Increased incremental sales to the company by 40%+

FEB. 1992 - OCT. 1993

Mass Microsystems, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing.

Company produced peripheral devices for the Macintosh market. Product families include Storage, Communication and Video. The products were sold worldwide via distribution, Var’s, catalogs and a corporate pull through strategy. I had total P&L responsibility for Marketing and Sales in addition to being an Officer of the company.

•Designed and implemented authorized reseller program

•Increased revenue 10%+

1987 - 1992

Storage Dimensions, Vice President Worldwide Sales.

Storage Dimensions is a supplier of mass storage systems for DOS, UNIX, NOVELL and APPLE Applications. Products include both hard disk and optical devices with appropriate software, some of which is proprietary. Sales are conducted via national and regional distribution, direct to Var’s and resellers, OEM and system integrators and international channels.

•Installed worldwide sales management infrastructure including administration, customer service and sales

•Increased sales from $300k annually to $82 million annually over a four year period


US Navy, Lieutenant Commander.

Spent 10 years in US Navy as an Avionics dude.

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